South Fullerton and West Anaheim

Two of Orange County’s largest cities, both Fullerton and Anaheim are socially and economically diverse with clear divisions between those with considerable needs and more affluent residents. In Figure B, Census Bureau data on low-income population show dramatic differences within each city.  In Fullerton, the lower income area of south Fullerton and the higher income north Fullerton are roughly divided by Chapman Ave. In Anaheim, the lower income west Anaheim and the higher income Anaheim Hills are roughly divided by the 55 Freeway. Low-income residents in South Fullerton and west Anaheim share common challenges, including environmental justice concerns and access to affordable housing.

Guidance:  South Fullerton (south of Chapman Ave) and west Anaheim (west of the 55 Freeway) should be drawn together and apart from more affluent communities in Yorba Linda and the Anaheim Hills.

Detailed Testimony:   Kayla Asato (Orange County Environmental Justice)

Figure B: Low-Income Population by Census Tract, Northern Orange County California

Source: United States Census Bureau, 2019 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, Table C17002.

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