Korean Vote

2020 Elections

the power of our vote

Experts predict record voter participation in 2020! In the last presidential election, 40% of Americans voted early. In this election we are expecting voter turnout to be among the highest in recent history. We want everyone to know your early vote options.

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The Korean American Voter Engagement Campaign website (korean2020.com) is a joint program of the non-profit Ahri Center and Orange County Civic Engagement Table. Ahri Center is made up by activists with years of work providing immigrant legal services, expanding civic engagement, advocating for immigrant rights and educating young people in the Korean American and Asian American community. In addition to these activities, Ahri is engaged in voter education and voter turnout activities so that Korean Americans and voters of color face less barriers when participating in elections.

Ahri Center is tax exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3), and is the sister organization of Ahri for Justice, a 501(c)(4) organization.