OCCET Voter Ads

OCCET ran a voter values and voter participation advertisement campaign in Korean language newspapers, radio, TV, Facebook and YouTube during the 2020 elections cycle, from September 28 to November 3. This report describes the program’s reach and impact.

OCCET partnered with its partner organization Ahri Center, which has a presence in the local Korean American community. Ads were co-branded with OCCET, Ahri Center, and the REP/CA campaign.

Newspaper9/28-11/3200k readers
TV10/6-11/2est. 200k viewers
Radio10/8-11/31.4M listeners
Digital10/13-11/31.3M impressions
84k video plays
15k clicks

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OCCET placed 1/3 page newspaper ads between 9/28 and 11/3 in the Korea Times.

The Korea Times has reported 200,000 readers in subscription and business circulation combined in Southern California to the New America Media’s Ethnic Media National Survey in the past.

The ads’ exposure in the Korea Times amounted to a total value of $19,000.

“Vote Safely by Mail”, Korea Times 9/28-10/22

The first ad described the new automatic vote-by-mail system, how to update one’s address, vote centers, county registrar contact information, and invited voters to visit the website korean2020.com to learn more.

The second ad ran timed with the opening of the 10-day Early Vote Centers in Los Angeles and showed Vote Center locations in Los Angeles Koreatown with a link to find other vote centers.

“Early Vote Options in LA”, Korea Times 10/23-10/29

The last ad ran timed with the opening of all Vote Centers for the 5-day early voting period, providing Vote Center hours and information, and asking voters to make a voting plan.

“Make a Plan”, Korea Times 10/30-11/3

Ad Text: Vote Safely by Mail

“It’s election time – what should we do?”

2020 Presidential Elections: Let’s do it by mail – it’s safe and convenient!

Get all the information you need online: www.korean2020.com Korean language information. Voter registration, confirmation, request mail ballots, track ballots, ballot measure information

Early October
Vote by mail ballots will be mailed to all voters’ homes automatically! Just fill it out and mail it back, and that’s it! (Will be mailed to the address at which you are registered)

If you are classified as a inactive voter, you may not be receiving the mail ballots automatically. You can confirm online or by calling, and make a request to receive the mail ballot.

(If after you register, election mail sent to you in 2018 was returned, or if you haven’t voted for more than 5 years, you may have been classified as inactive)

Vote Centers
You can of  course vote in person at vote centers as well. Vote Centers open on weekends too.

Get all the information you need online in Korean language at www.korean2020.com

County Registrar contact information:
LA: 800.815.2666, menu 3
OC: 714.567.7600

This Public Service Announcement is provided by Ahri Center. Ahri Center is a non-profit organization made up by activists with years of work providing immigrant legal services, expanding civic engagement, advocating for immigrant rights and educating young people in the Korean American and Asian American community.

Korea Times November 3 Placement, Page 17
* The ad received a free placement on the front page of October 3, but that day is a Saturday edition, which Korea Times no longer prints in paper – it only exists electronically with the articles available on its website.

TV & Facebook

OCCET dubbed and edited REP/CA campaign’s video ad “Corporations” to Korean language, and produced a second video ad telling the story of first-time voter Nathan Kim. These two ads ran on KBS America, a terrestrial TV station (Ch.44) able to reach 1.3 million Korean speaking viewers in Southern California. The video was also promoted as Facebook and YouTube video ads.

No viewership statistics are available for KBS. On Facebook & YouTube, the video ad was played 84,000 times.

TV: Role of Corporations
“What role do corporations have during this Coronavirus crisis?”, KBS America, 10/6-10/13

Script: Role of Corporations

We may look different and come from different places, but everywhere you look in California, even those of us with the least are doing the most to support each other.

Well… almost everywhere.

We are home to some of the wealthiest corporations in the country. In the last decade, corporations have skipped out on paying 100 billion dollars through tax breaks and loopholes. Since COVID, just one of these corporations has made 81 billion.

Let’s break that down:

  • This is how much money an average person with a family of four will make.
  • This much could fund tuition for the entire UC system.
  • This much could pay for new laptops for every student.
  • This much could pay for monthly groceries for every family.

There’s more than enough money to make sure that California is taken care of through this crisis and beyond. When we come together, we can change the rules and make sure that corporations pay their fair share.

2020 Presidential Elections – our vote changes the world. Please vote! Visit korean2020.com for more information.

TV: Join me in voting
“Will you join me in voting this year?”, KBS America, 10/14-Present


Hi, I run a small business in LA, and father of two children.

I know things are hard. We have been having a tough time, too because of the Coronavirus crisis. I’m not much of a politics person. But after I seeing that my family, friends, and our community is having a hard time, I realized policy and politics are important, and that’s I decided to vote, for the first time in my life. I believe that my vote will be of help to the community.

Will you come vote with me?

This year, everyone who has registered will get their ballots over mail. We only have to send this ballot until election day, but if we send it ahead of time, it makes everything easier. To ensure we can vote safely, Vote Centers will open over the weekend, and you can also register on the same day you vote.

2020 Presidential Elections – our vote changes the world. Please vote! Visit korean2020.com for more information.


OCCET produced two radio ads and placed them in Radio Korea and Radio Seoul during 10/8-11/3.

Radio Korea’s media kit claims that Radio Korea’s listenership base is 1 million listeners in Southern California, and places Radio Seoul’s listener base at 445,000. Radio Seoul’s media kit does not provide a Southern California figure of its listeners.

Radio: Vote by Mail
“Vote by Mail”, Radio Korea & Radio Seoul, 10/8-11/3

  • F: Oh that’s right, we also gotta vote! Because we get to make our voices heard through our vote.
  • M: Right. But will it be safe to go to the polling site? Do we have to wear masks?
  • F: We don’t have to, we can send everything by mail
  • M: Oh.. vote by mail? Hey but don’t they send it only to people who request it?
  • F: This year, because of the Coronavirus crisis, to ensure everyone is safe, they will send mail ballots to everyone who is registered.
  • M: Wow that’s great. No stamps, right?
  • F: Yup. No stamps, just sign in the back, and that’s one vote from me! We can put it in the mail or in designated dropboxes. In LA, there’s dropboxes in the Pio-Pico Library and the Wilshire/Vermont Subway station.
  • Narration: 2020 Presidential Elections. Our vote changes the world. Learn more at the website korean2020.com. Election Department’s Korean language line is, for Los Angeles, 800-815-2666 menu 1 and for Orange County, 714-567-7600.
Radio: Vote Center
“Vote Center”, Radio Korea & Radio Seoul, 10/30-11/3
Script: Vote Center
  • F: Oh that’s right, we also gotta vote! Because we get to make our voices heard through our vote.
  • M: Right. But will it be safe to go to the polling site? Do we have to wear masks?
  • F: We don’t have to, we can send everything by mail!
  • M: Oh.. vote by mail? But then, does it mean that vote centers will all be closed?
  • F: Well they recommend people to do it from home. If you can still vote in person if you want. Now, Vote Centers open on weekends too!
  • M: That’s great. So that’s the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday before election day? Nice.. so if we go on a weekend, when it’s slow, it will easier to keep the social distance.
  • F: That’s correct. Everything will be faster. And you can drop off your ballot at the Vote Center too.
  • Narration: Let’s vote in the 2020 Presidential Elections. Learn more at the website korean2020.com.


OCCET ran image and video ads on Facebook during 10/13-11/3. The ads garnered 1M views and 14k clicks on Facebook and 324k views and 700 clicks on YouTube.


An in-language dedicated website, Korean2020.com, was created with information about: voter registration, new vote by mail procedures, inactive status, vote centers and early voting, county registrars, and nonpartisan election information.

The website registered 3,085 unique visitors and 3,847 pageviews during 10/21-11/3. The average visit duration was 18 seconds.